I could wax lyrical about what an excellent writer I am and why I’m the perfect fit for the job, but who has time for that?

Besides, you’re going to make your own decision anyway.

Here’s my portfolio to help you with said decision.

*Quick note. Some of these samples might not be live or were edited before going live. The below examples were formatted to make sense as a sample.*


I write regular emails for Ingrid’s growing list.

Monthly newsletter to drive sales
I handled the copy. The client handled the design

Write a newsletter to encourage subscribers to sign in to this American political trivia show

An email drumming up donations after their main source of funding fell through (thanks Covid-19)

Blog Posts

Blog post for one of the top cannabis retailers in Canada. It’s a fun read, and you might even learn something.

What Is A Cannabis Strain? Indica vs Sativa & Beyond

Product Descriptions

I’m a regular contributor to the most visited e-commerce platform in the smoking accessories industry. Here’s a sampling.

Web Copy

  • Rewrite all website copy
  • Expand one page website to 5 page website
  • Optimise for SEO
  • Keyword research

I wrote the copy for Ingrid’s homepage as she was scaling up her business. I’m currently working on the next update



I’m a regular contributor to Backyard Boss. Where I write about gardening, building stuff, and the products you need to do both.

I’m not going to link to everything I’ve written for BYB. That would be ridiculous. Instead, here’s a link to my author profile.