Need a small business copywriter to write your web copy? What about a few emails to your email list (with tips on how to grow your list)?

Have a look at some of my copywriting samples.

*Quick note. Some of these samples might not be live or were edited before going live. The below examples were formatted to make sense as a sample.*

I’m a regular contributor to Backyard Boss. Where I write about gardening, building stuff, and the products you need to do both.

  • Monthly emails
  • Homepage copy
  • I handled the copy, the client handled the design
  • Write a newsletter to encourage subscribers to sign in to this American political trivia show
  • Promote a new format of the show
  • Encourage people to remain politically informed

  • Monthly newsletter to drive sales
  • Press release for a product launch
  • I handled the copy. The client handled the design

  • Rewrite all website copy
  • Expand one page website to 5 page website
  • Optimise for SEO
  • Keyword research

  • Write an email to a subscriber list
  • Intention is to get donations as their main source of funding fell through (thanks Covid-19)

*This was a spec assignment