What is a copywriter?

A what? Don’t you mean copyrighter? No, I don’t.

Simply put, copywriting is persuasive writing that sells. Any words that you read on a website or in an email from a business is copy. Any words on an advertisement are copy.

Product descriptions, case studies, about us pages, brochures, etc. It’s all copy. In fact, you’re reading copy right now.

What is cause marketing?

Cause campaigns, cause marketing, brand awareness, global citizenship, social enterprise, corporate social responsibility etc. They’re all the same thing.

It’s a marketing campaign that focuses on a particular cause that your business supports.

It might be a non-profit organisation that you partner with. It might be a soup kitchen that you volunteer at. It might be a cut of your proceeds that is donated.

It’s all about using business to do good. And using that good to grow your business.

Why do I need a cause campaign?

People have become a lot more conscious about what they consume in recent decades. And the trends are only showing that this is becoming the norm.

A global study shows that 91% of consumers would switch to a brand that supports a good cause. And this is only one in a list of statistics showing that people are looking to support brands that stand by making the world a better place.

Yes, that study is a few years old. But the repercussions are still relevant. In 2019 the CEO of Unilever (company that owns brands like Dove, Q-Tips, and Axe) has said that they will begin ‘disposing’ of brands that do not stand for something with purposeful messaging.

Unilever has clearly spotted the correlation between doing good and surviving as a business in 2020 and beyond.

However, there is a risk involved. Due to consumers now being ‘woke’, they can spot a phoney from a mile away.

Some companies (mostly big, household names) recently put their foot in it by trying to jump on the bandwagon with the Black Lives Matter movement with tone deaf campaigns trying to monetise social justice .

Most of them had to remove the ads and issue an apology while consumers added them to their ‘do not support’ lists.

Cause campaigns need to be justified. They need to be supported by action. Brands SAY a lot of things nowadays, so consumers are keeping an eye on what they DO.

Having a cause campaign specialist on your side will help you navigate this fine line. Being moral does not have to be a juggling act between doing good and making money.

A properly executed cause campaign will attract these conscious consumers. And once they’ve decided that you uphold their morals, they will be customers for life.

Don’t be phoney. Just be real. The world will thank you for it.

Isn’t telling everybody about my good deeds kinda missing the point of doing good deeds?

What’s the old saying? There is no truly good deed. Something like that.

You might think that using your good deeds to promote your business is ethically shady. But consider this.

The more your business grows, the larger the share that goes to the cause. The more resources that go toward the cause, the better the world becomes.

This works specifically for cause campaigns. By partnering with an NPO, both your business and the non-profit will get more publicity, more donations, and more profit. Well, as long as you have an expert copywriter in your arsenal.

What if I don’t need a cause campaign but I do need a copywriter?

I don’t only do cause campaigns. In fact, my initial training was in direct-response copywriting before I specialised in cause copy. So I can help you.

If you need to update your web and product copy, if you need somebody to write your emails, or even if you need a long-form sales letter, I can help you.

How much do you charge?

Ah, everybody’s favourite question. It’s impossible for me to give you a price without knowing the scope of the project first. Shoot me an email, let me ask you a bunch of questions about your business, and then I’ll be able to put together a quote for you.