Copy For A Cause

It’s time to show the world that you are one of the good guys. And get paid while you do it. 

It might seem like making a profit and making the world a better place work against each other. That’s what we’ve been led to believe. Being the good guy costs you money. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Because some of the most successful and well-loved brands — names like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s — have one thing in common. Something that you can do too. 

And it’s this one thing that will decide which businesses succeed in the decades to come.  

Position yourself for success

It’s sad to see so many small and local businesses going under. Surviving an economic downturn of this scale is a huge challenge.

Without endless capital, sometimes the only option is to close your doors. 

What’s more, huge corporations with unlimited budgets are moving in to fill the gaps. It’s not what people want. But it’s what they’ll have to settle for if you don’t make it. 

If you’re lucky, you have a fall back option. You can move back in with your parents and start over.

But what if you have mouths to feed and bills to pay? You might have to go back to making somebody else rich while you slog away to support your family.

Now that’s a tough pill to swallow. Nobody wants that. The whole reason you started out on your own is because you don’t want to work for somebody else. 

The timing couldn’t be worse. The shift to supporting local is gaining some serious momentum. And the fact is that global catastrophes don’t start trends. They speed up trends that are already there. 

So, when this is all over, the small and local businesses that survive are going to be in prime position. People will be looking for you, and if you’ve positioned yourself the right way, they’ll be happy they found you.

Small business is NOT dead

There’s a reason why this shift to supporting local is happening. And 2020 has highlighted the position we’re all in. 

Cheap, low-quality products flood the market. Made by cheap labour who have no quality of life. By corporations who only care about one thing. The bottom line: profit.

Facing up to these giants makes it difficult for small, local businesses to stand out and get ahead. How are you supposed to compete with that?

Big corporations have ruined the integrity of making a living for ourselves. No wonder people are sceptical of, well, everything.

Social justice is still something we have to fight for. The economy is in the gutter. And the environment is hot on its heels. Or maybe just hot. 

People are suspicious of those trying to make a profit. And there’s no way your prices can be as low as those big corporations with shady business practices. 

So how do you get ahead? How do you get people to support you and your family instead of some billionaire CEO? 

Intentional businesses for intentional customers

I’ve got some good news for you. Consumers aren’t blind anymore.The way we do business is changing. 

Now is the perfect time to send a clear message to the people that are looking for you.

People are a lot more intentional about how they spend their money nowadays.

Sustainable and ethical business is proving to be more than a trend.

It’s proving to be the only way to survive. Both as a business and as a species.

Millenials and Generation Z are more aware at an earlier age than generations before.

And in the coming years they will be the consumers that dictate the market. 

This is good news for you and your local economy. This isn’t good news for the huge corporations that are pillaging our resources. 

As people move back to supporting local, there’s something you can do to stand out as the obvious choice.

It’s becoming clear that if businesses don’t stand for something, they won’t be around for much longer. 

Determined consumers take their money elsewhere. To businesses that actually do good. And can prove it. 

People will remember you for what you did when times were tough. And they’ll want to reward you for it.

A global study by Cone Communications shows that 91% of people would switch to a brand that supports a good cause.

Not only that, but employees are looking to work for companies that uphold their morals.

Happy employees mean happy customers. Happy customers mean loyal customers. And loyal customers make your business thrive. 

It’s about more than doing business

Imagine this. You run a business where everyone who works there loves their job. Going to work is a joy for everyone involved.

The fulfilment comes from being part of a thriving business. It also comes from knowing that you are doing your part for a better future. 

Your customers feel relief when they find you. They are happy and ready to buy whatever it is you’re offering them.

They engage and form relationships and pledge their support. 

All your hard work is paying off. You can finally enjoy your success. You can start enjoying the benefits that come with running your own business.

You’re known in the community as the business owner committed to making positive change.

You have results to show for it. Because your community is thriving alongside your business. 

Sounds good doesn’t it? Let’s use our consumer culture as a force for change. A force for good.

Let’s give back to our communities and the earth. All while making your business the face of this shift.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • Do good
  • Make money

Send a clear message to your target market. Whether it’s through emails or on your website. Get your business in front of the right people.

People want to know about the good things you do. They are looking for responsible businesses to meet their needs. Because they also want the world to be a better place. 

This doesn’t mean that your business needs to be carbon neutral or zero waste to get by.

You don’t need a huge cause related campaign to get in front of potential customers.

It means that you need to reframe the good that you DO do. 

If you’re not talking about the good that your business does, you’re at risk of missing the boat. 

I missed a boat once. It didn’t end well. Don’t miss the boat.

Take the risk out of it

The world of cause marketing can be tricky to navigate. Brands SAY a lot of things. So people pay attention to what brands DO. 

Tone deaf cause related marketing can land you at the top of the ‘do not support’ list. You don’t want to go viral in a bad way.

Take a look at these examples of how a tone deaf campaign can backfire. 

It needs to be real. You don’t want people to think you’re greenwashing them. People look for authenticity and accountability.

Good cause marketing can get your business in front of people who have a problem that needs solving.

Conscious consumers are LOYAL customers. Once they have found a brand that lines up with their values, they will be more likely to keep supporting you.

Doing good and making money do not have to be different activities. In fact, with the right copywriter, they can support one another. You can make money BY doing good. 

It’s a shame that companies don’t emphasise their good deeds. People want to support you for doing something good. 

Because the more support you get, the more good you can do. And the more good that you do, the more money you can make.

It’s a self-fulfilling cycle where everybody wins. You get to make the world a better place AND make money. 

Truth be told, you can be the hero of this story. Small businesses can get us out of this mess. With a few well-placed words, you can help us all come out on top.

Here’s how I can help you: 

  • Turn browsers into buyers with engaging website copy
  • Engage your email list by writing no-fluff emails that actually convert. The only fluff I like is in my slippers
  • Build a positive brand image by telling your story 
  • Take on a full-blown cause campaign (web copy, email blasts, print ads, social media ads, etc.)
  • Gain loyal customers by sending a clear message to your audience. Let them know that their money is supporting a good business.

Why me?

  • I am a small business owner. And you’re currently on my small business’ website.
  • No over-hyped, obnoxious sales talk from an advertising agency. I’m a one person show. It’s my belief that small businesses have the power to change the world. And I want to be a part of that.
  • I am your target market. When I buy something, I look for the brand that is doing more than only making a profit

Some businesses make it difficult to find out what they stand for. Some hint at supporting a cause, but are vague on the details.

Most businesses have some sort of sustainability pledge, but don’t use it to grab potential customers. 

Others make it easy.

It’s obvious what they stand for. It’s clear how they support a certain cause, and it’s easy for me to move towards that buy button. Be that business.

Achieve your business goals. Live the life you set out to live.

Every dollar spent is a vote for what you want to see more of in the world. I can show people why they should vote for you.

I want the world to be a better place. And I want you to be a part of it. Sound good?